MTB Freeride Alpine Camp Western Alps – Mountainbike Adventure

We love this area! Why? At the moment, there is no other area that fascinates us more with its breathtaking scenery, mighty summits and forgotten valleys. Together with endless single trails, this creates a synthesis of the arts. On this trip, we would like to plunge deeper into this astonishing nature with you. We’ll cross the border from France to Italy and back again, never falling below 2500 metres above sea level. Our starting point will be in Ubaye valley.

On the first day, we’ll ride up and down at a quite moderate level. The following days will be more challenging. The first night we’ll stay in a rustic mountain lodge in the middle of high mountain scenery. Remoteness… Together we will cross the national border at 3142 metres above sea level! This is absolutely unique! You’ll be speechless, not only because of thin air. It’s the same with the trail down to Valle de Maurin. Valle Maira is a playground and we’ll find accommodation in a small old village where we’ll enjoy the excellent Piedmontese cuisine. There is so much to explore here; Passo Gardetta, Monte Tibert – a classic! We wouldn’t be ‘ride alpine trails’, if we didn’t find the trails no other guided group rides. Let’s wait and see!

After two nights in beautiful Ceaglio, we’ll continue our tour on interesting old paths to Val Stura, accompanied by breathtaking views. The trail is just georgeous! “Osteria de la pace” is our next hotel. So you don’t have to worry about culinary delights. We are also prepared to offer you an alpine biking program that has no equal. In these days, we will realise that we are small but we will have the greatest experiences. We’ll feel every singel muscle, sweat, enjoy the mountain scenery, have picnics in far flung places and bike trails we will never forget!

Mountainbike adventure! Never stop exploring!

This camp cannot be compared with the other camps we are offering on our website. There will be a shuttle car to help us where it is possible. Nevertheless, there will be several hours of exhaustive biking. Some trails and approaches require a good head for hights and very good sure-footedness on mountainous terrain. Please prepare accordingly.

About 14500 metres of descent and only 6000 metres of ascent!

We ride in small groups (maximum 7 participants) to create perfect biking days for you. We are accompanied by a shuttle car, which will pick us up time and again to bridge annoying flat sections, take us further up than other vehicles and transport your luggage.

  • 8 tour days
  • 6 days of guiding with two guides (Stefan / Eric)
  • 6 overnight stays with half-board in nice ** / *** hotels (double room)
  • 1 overnight stay with half-board in a mountain lodge (four-bed room)
  • Small groups (maximum 7 participants)
  • Special shuttle car that will permanentely accompany our group and take us to far flung-places
  • Daily luggage service
  • Transfer back to starting point
  • 1 laundry service, free of charge, on day 3
  • Free tool service
  • Fine engraved USB stick with pictures of the tour
  • Triple 2 STOD Shirt in freeride style, optional, for an extra charge
  • Single room optional, for an extra charge

Please carpool, if possible, for this spot can only be reached with considerable effort. I will send everyone an email with the email addresses of all the participants. Should anyone not want their email address to be given to the others, please state when booking.

The amount of metres of ascent might not seam too high, but please be aware of the fact that we’ll spend the most time at around 2000 metres above sea level. That means, you’ll have to be really concentrated during the downhill runs. This will be challenging both physically and mentally. Please prepare accordingly.



There will be daily stages of up to 1400 metres of ascent and 3000 metres of descent. There will be sections of about 600 metres of ascent where you’ll have to push or carry your bike.

Wearing a helmet is compulsory during the whole tour. We strongly recommend to wear protectors.

Please bring a full suspension bike with 150mm suspension travel and disc brakes.


We will send you a detailed packing list together with the booking confirmation.

Details of the route only in german. Sorry guy´s

Day 1: Ville- Vieille Col Agnel

Having arrived individually, we’ll meet at our meeting point in Ischgl at 3.00 pm. After a short bike check and loading the luggage in our shuttle we start straight to our first run.

Days 1-6:

We are purposely not giving away the details of the route of this tour. At the moment, no other guiding company offers this tour, because one has to explore the whole area before beeing able to guide here. We worked really hard to prepare this camp for you. If you are passionate about mountain biking and nature, and have some pioneering spirit, you would simplylove this camp. You will definitively experience tremendous impressions of the unique landscape and trails. You will break new ground in a region you thought you knew already!

  1. Approx. 14,500 metres downhill/ Approx. 6,000 metres uphill

Day 8:

After a nice and cosy breakfast we will be taken back to the starting point by our shuttle car, followed by a well-deserved closing off-session. From here, everyone departs individually.

This offer is subject to changes, as we have not completed our exploring. New tours and opportunities might come up, which we would then integrate in the tour to optimise this trip for you.

One more thing:
 This tour is challenging when it comes to your riding techniques and physical fitness! You ought to have experience with challenging trails and different kinds of soil – this is a prerequisite! Few parts of this tour are exposed and will be signalled by the guide early on. You need good stamina and a certain drive to ride, push and carry your bike about 1,500 metres up in one go. We assume that you control your bike safely and use equipment of high quality.

Freeride Alpin Camp Westalpen

17. August 2024
24. August 2024
1,990 €