General Terms and Conditions

Dear participants,

 we would like to determine the legal conditions in your and our interest. When booking a tour the following agreement, in which the mutual rights and duties are listed, becomes valid.

  • Contract

The contract between you and Ride Alpine Trails is formed by the unconditional acceptance of your written, telephonic, personal or online booking. From that date the rights and duties written down in the contract will become effective for you and biketours-oberstdorf.

  • Performance

The performance of Ride Alpine Trails starts on site. You are responsible for the organisation of your punctual arrival.

  • Prices

The prices are per person, the currancy is euro. If the offer contains overnight stays, the prices are per person in a double bedroom and in euro. The prices valid on the day of booking are decisive. The amount for the trip has to be payed 21 days before the trip starts. In exceptional cases, it can be possible that the agreed price will be increased after the conclusion of the contract. Such price increases can derive from:

  • State decreed price increase (e.g. VAT)
  • The minimum number of participants has not been reached (see below)
  • Increase of tourism contribution (visitors tax)

If the costs for the tour you have booked should increase, they can be passed on to you. If the price rises more than 10 per cent, you have the right to cancel the contract within 5 days after having received our note. Of course, we will promptly refund the amount you have already paid for the tour.

  • Cancellation

You can cancel the journey at any time before it starts. The receipt of the written advice of cancellation at Ride Alpine Trails is decisive. As compensation for the preparations and expenditures already made for the trip, we will charge you as follows (min. Euro 50,00):

Up to 61 days before the trip starts            20% of the total amount for the trip

61 days before the trip starts                      50% of the total amount for the trip

31 days before the trip starts                       75% of the total amount for the trip

08 days before the trip starts                      90% of the total amount for the trip

On the day the trip starts or no-show        100% of the total amount for the trip

We strongly recommend the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance!

Rebooking at Ride Alpine Trails is only possible if booking a tour of the same value and if this is done 22 days before the trip starts at the latest. In any case, the basis for rebooking is to be able to meet with the participant’s wishes. If a participant wants to rebook a trip, we will charge a handling fee of 50,00 euros per person.

  • Minimum number of participants

For all tours offered there is a minimum number of participants, which you find in the respective travel description. If there are less participants for a tour than the minimum number intended, the trip can be cancelled by Ride Alpine Trails by 14 days before the scheduled trip at the latest. If Ride Alpine Trails makes use of the right to withdraw and you would still like to undertake the trip, this will be a completely new offer. Then, Ride Alpine Trails can only accept the offer at a newly calculated price, which you will be informed of. If you agree to the new price, a new contract will be established.

  • Trip interruption

Should you abandon your trip earlier than planned for whatever reason, the price for the journey cannot be refunded. If third parties (hotels, alpine lodges) do not charge Ride Alpine Trails with the costs for rooms that have not been used, you will of course be repayed.

  • Changes in schedule

The tours described in the schedule are proposals. Ride Alpine Trails reserves the right to change the schedule due to a number of factors, such as bad conditions, an act of God or lack of the participant’s physical fitness / biking technique.

  • Mountain biking and safety

Participants ride their mountain bikes at their own risk. Ride Alpine Trails assumes no liability for accidents, bodily harm or damage to property. You are responsible for compliance with the respective customary road traffic rules even if you are travelling with a group.

  • Insurance

Ride Alpine Trails strongly recommends every participant to take out travel cancellation insurance, liability insurance, accident insurance and international health insurance. Of course, all guides working with Ride Alpine Trails are insured against their liabilities.

  • Legal liability

Defaults in performance especially due to weather, an act of God or other effects which cannot be influenced by the organiser are not liable to recourse. Ride Alpine Trails is not liable for failure of performance, if this is a result of failures of your part before or during the trip.

  • Data privacy protection

Ride Alpine Trails undertakes to put none of your personal data at third persons’ or other companies’ disposal. All addresses are saved internally. If you want your address deleted, please let us know.