MTB freeride Monte Rosa – mountain biking on the edge between the earth and the sky

When dreams come true… my dream in this case. I have been working on this journey, from Lake Maggiore to Aosta, for two years. Our adventure begins in Intra at Lake Maggiore. We enjoy the Mediterranean ambience with a nice dinner at the lakeside. The morning after, 25 minutes after leaving the lake towards the hinterland, there is nothing that reminds us of tourism at all.

Lianas are hanging in the way on the access road. On the brink of Val Grande National Park, which is often described as “the largest wilderness in the Alps”, nature has prevailed. There is hardly any other place in Europe where nature is so unspoilt. Green, green and green is what we see on those mountain slopes, which remind us of the Andes and the Himalayas. Several abandoned hamlets are located on the wayside of the beautiful trails. They were built by smugglers, sheperds, partisans and lastly by nature lovers and form a network of paths offering mountain bikers everything they could possibly want. Extremely impressive! Mostly on our own, we spend 2.5 days in the mountains between Lake Orta and Valsesia. The trails here are more similar to the ones in Friuli than to the ones in the Maritim Alps. A vigilant gaze and absolute concentration are the key to these wonderful downhill runs.

In Alagna we take the gondola lift towards the sky. Nothing grows up here at all. Wearing crampons, we carry our bikes over the glacier towards Rifugio Città di Mantova, a mountain hut in the Aosta Valley. At a hight of 3.500 metres, the walk in the thin air is exhausting and we are hoping for good weather. Then we watch an unforgettable sunset below Lyskamm. The way down from the Mantova is probably the hardest thing one can and should do with a bike. In the beginning we have to carry our bikes approximately 200 metres downhill, before we are able to ride our bikes for the first time on rocky plates ground by glaciers. Then we have to carry our bikes way up to Alta Luce summit. I’m pretty sure this is the best place for enjoying the panorama of the whole Monte Rosa massif with its glaciers and all. Still a 1.600 metres really challenging downhill trail is waiting for us. Wow, what an unforgettable,  tough morning. The afternoon will be created depending on how much time we have left. The journey continues.

We are facing the next highlight: at 3.335 metres above sea level we are standing directly in front of the Matterhorn. Sounds incredible… well, it is! But the way up there is rocky and long. We are carrying our bikes for 5 hours. Words can hardly describe what awaits us there. One of the most magnificent views and maybe the best trail in the whole Alps! We can ride our bikes downhill all the way from the peak to the bottom, except for only very few parts. Oh my god!! This is amazing!! Having spent 11 hours outside in the fresh air, we are totally spent but so happy! From here on we can do fun rides to Aosta, play and have fun. Is there anything better in this world after such a week, than strolling through the streets of Aosta having Italian ice cream and drinking Aperol? I don’t think so!

I cannot influence the weather, but each one of you, who wants to join us on this adventure, keep your fingers crossed for good weather! If the weather is nice, there is surely no other bike week in the Alps, which is more lasting than this one!

Never Stop Exploring.

The feedback we got after we first tried out this tour definitely showed us, that this tour is the most challenging one in our range. You’ll have to carry your bike uphill, ride long and tricky trails downhill and be mentally strong, as this terrain is really not ”appropriate” for falls. Everyone who is interested in this tour, regard this week as a holistic mountain adventure. If you want to ride one trail after the other, this tour is not the right one for you.

Registration ONLY via email to:

Approx. 14,000 m downhill                        Approx. 6,000 m uphill

We ride in small groups (maximum 7 participants) to create perfect biking days for you. We will be accompanied by a shuttle car at all times, which will pick us up time and again to bridge annoying flat sections, able to take us higher than other vehicles and transport your luggage for you.

  • 8 tour days
  • 6 days guiding with Eric & Felix
  • 2 overnight stays with great half-board in a mountain hut
  • 5 overnight stays with rich breakfast in a ** / *** gite/hotel (double room)
  • Small groups (max. 7 participants)
  • Inclusive of all uplifts and 1 external shuttle
  • Transfer back to starting point
  • Fine engraved USB-stick with pictures of the tour
  • Triple 2 STOD freeride shirt (optional, for an extra charge)

We will send you a detailed packing list together with the booking confirmation.

At first sight, the distances might not seem a lot, but the days will be long and exhausting. We will spend much time above 2,000 and 3,500 metres above sea level. We will have to carry our bikes most of the time when going uphill and the air is thin in such heights. This will be super exhausting for your body and mind! So please be prepared!



There will be daily stages of up to 1,500 metres uphill and 3,000 metres downhill. There will be sections of about 1.300 metres uphill where you’ll have to push or carry your bike.

Day 1: Rivera, Ticino Swiss

Having arrived individually, we’ll meet at our meeting point in Rivera at 5.00 pm. Short Bike check a put your luggae in our Shuttle. A 1,5 hour drive brings us to Intra. During a cozy dinner we discuss the program of the following days.

Days 2-7:

We are purposely not giving away the details of the route of this tour. At the moment, no other guiding company offers this tour, because one has to explore the whole area before beeing able to guide here. We worked really hard to prepare this camp for you. If you are passionate about mountain biking and nature, and have some pioneering spirit, you would simplylove this camp. You will definitively experience tremendous impressions of the unique landscape and trails. You will break new ground in a region you thought you knew already!

  1. Approx. 14,000 metres downhill/ Approx. 6,000 metres uphill

Day 8:

After a nice and cosy breakfast we will be taken back to the starting point by our shuttle car, followed by a well-deserved closing off-session. From here, everyone departs individually.

This offer is subject to changes, as we have not completed our exploring. New tours and opportunities might come up, which we would then integrate in the tour to optimise this trip for you.

One more thing:
 This tour is challenging when it comes to your riding techniques and physical fitness! You ought to have experience with challenging trails and different kinds of soil – this is a prerequisite! Few parts of this tour are exposed and will be signalled by the guide early on. You need good stamina and a certain drive to ride, push and carry your bike about 1,500 metres up in one go. We assume that you control your bike safely and use equipment of high quality.

MTB Freeride Monte Rosa

31. August 2024
07. September 2024
2,190 €