MTB Freeride Trans Friaul – Lose yourself and find bikers’ paradise

This is an area where no one has ever tried to offer commercial mountain bike camps . So I’ll start with describing my personal impressions . I know both the Western Alps and Slovenia pretty well. I really fell in love with both but when I went to the eastern part of Italy for the first time, looking for new biking opportunities, I almost fainted at the sight of the beauty of the landscape. Steep rugged rocks embedded in a jungle – what a feeling! The valleys are so pristine and blessed with wonderful clear streams, which have cut through the limestone karst rocks for thousands of years. Wow! There is nothing more to say. Searching for new and unforgettable trails was not easy here behind the Dolomites. I was on my own. Information? No chance! Due to their seclusion the trails have a really unique character. They were built perfectly on terrain where you wouldn’t ever think this was possible. A feast for your eyes! You always have to be 100% wide-awake here! The trails are not really technically sophisticated but often very narrow and bristled with obstacles. Therefore, it is quite challenging to keep the bike under control. Total concentration nonstop! At times you need steady nerves and curl your bike on exposed trails between vertical crags. Pure adventure! Maybe, this would have been the right place in Italy to start with slow food – not Piemont. They serve great food in the accommodations here. Some people say, it’s even better than in Piedmont. The houses were renovated with so much passion for detail and are so charming, you’d want to stay for several nights in every single one of them. So, you might all be tempted to come back with your loved ones for that. We will celebrate our “Gran Final” at the famous Monte Grappa. 1,500 metres of downhill trails with a stunning view at the Dolomites on the one side and Venice on the other , if the sky is not dull. Bassano di Grappa invites us to its lovely bars and pubs where we will have one or two glasses of Aperol.

Never Stop exploring! off you go boys and girls! You will experience a region you will never ever forget.

Approx. 14,000 metres downhill                        Approx. 5,000 metres uphill

We ride in small groups (maximum 7 participants) to create perfect biking days for you. We will be accompanied by a shuttle car at all times, which will pick us up time and again to bridge annoying flat sections, is able to take us higher than other vehicles and transport your luggage.

  • – 8 tour days
  • – 6 days of guiding with Eric
  • – 3 overnight stays with half-board in a nice **/***hotel (double room)
  • – 4 overnight stays with a rich breakfast in a nice **/***guest house/hotel (double room)
  • – Small groups (maximum 7 participants)
  • – Special shuttle car that will permanentely accompany our group and take us to remote places
  • – Daily luggage service
  • – Transfer back to starting point
  • – 1 laundry service, free of charge (day 3)
  • – Free tool service
  • – Fine engraved USB-stick with pictures of the tour
  • – Triple 2 STOD freeride shirt (optional, for an extra charge)
  • – Single room; optional, for an extra charge (is not possible on all days)

Please carpool, if possible, for this spot can only be reached with considerable effort. Therefore, I will send everyone an email with the email addresses of all the participants. If someone doesn’t want their email address to be given to the others, please state when booking.

At first sight, the distances might not seem a lot. However, that is not the main challenge in this area. You ought to be aware of the fact that you will need to be totally focused on the trails when riding down. This will be super exhausting for your body and mind! So please be prepared!

There will be daily stages of up to 1,500 metres uphill and 3,000 metres downhill. There will be sections of about 500 metres uphill where you’ll have to push or carry your bike.

riding techniqes:



Wearing a helmet is compulsory throughout the whole tour. We strongly recommend wearing protectors. Please bring a full suspension bike with 150mm suspension travel and disc brakes.

We will send you a detailed packing list together with the booking confirmation.

Day 1: Tröpolach

Having arrived individually, we’ll meet at our meeting point in Tröpolach at 7.00 pm. During a cozy dinner we discuss the program of the following days.

Days 2-7:

We are purposely not giving away the details of the route of this tour. At the moment, no other guiding company offers this tour, because one has to explore the whole area before beeing able to guide here. We worked really hard to prepare this camp for you. If you are passionate about mountain biking and nature, and have some pioneering spirit, you would simplylove this camp. You will definitively experience tremendous impressions of the unique landscape and trails. You will break new ground in a region you thought you knew already!

  1. Approx. 14,000 metres downhill/ Approx. 4,500 metres uphill

Day 8:

After a nice and cosy breakfast we will be taken back to the starting point by our shuttle car, followed by a well-deserved closing off-session. From here, everyone departs individually.

This offer is subject to changes, as we have not completed our exploring. New tours and opportunities might come up, which we would then integrate in the tour to optimise this trip for you.

One more thing:
 This tour is challenging when it comes to your riding techniques and physical fitness! You ought to have experience with challenging trails and different kinds of soil – this is a prerequisite! Few parts of this tour are exposed and will be signalled by the guide early on. You need good stamina and a certain drive to ride, push and carry your bike about 1,000 metres up in one go. We assume that you control your bike safely and use equipment of high quality.

Freeride Trans Friaul

08. June 2024
15. June 2024
1,890 €