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Since our childhood we have been outside in the mountains. Fascinated by their vastness, the tranquillity and the endless possibilities. We have made them our playground where we experience unforgettable moments. They have become the driving force which defines our lives. Freedom is for us, undergoing easy moments and experiences, which stay with us forever. For years and decades we have collected impressions and have grown with them, learned from our experiences and sharpend our senses for all the values we associate to nature and sports. Our passion and great enthusiasm constantly drives us to find new, beautiful spots, always far from mass tourism. It is so exciting and so fascinating to explore unfamiliar terrain, taking us deeper and deeper into the mountain world.

It makes us feel alive. This feeling is hard to describe!The mountain bike is simply perfect for us. It enables us to explore the fascinating mountain world in all its facets and to play in it. Most importantly to us, of course, are the breathtaking downhill trails. Every inch of singletrack is unique and thus so precious. We gaze in awe at the alpine mountain world and are not too proud to take advantage of a short shuttle-ride, taking us a little further, enabling us to reach even higher spots with our own efforts again thereafter. Our team at ridealpinetrails will take you to the most beautiful freeride and enduro tracks of the Alps.

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Our Bike Events

Our aim is to provide every mountain enthusiast with unforgettable experiences in the Alpine region. Our tenders are the result of our passion for sport, nature and the people we have met along the way. Our portfolio is a fine selection of destinations and possibilities that can fulfil exactly these unique experiences. You will find our complete portfolio under” bike”.  Nothing for you? Then check out our Individual section.

You like Winter?

We also offer events in the cold part of the year. You should definitely check out our Freeride and Skitouring offers.